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Privacy Policy.

A) Protection of Personal Data

Respite Management (hereinafter 196 Bishopsgate) commits itself to comply with the legislation in force regarding automated data processing and, in particular, Organic Law 15/99 on the Protection of Persona Data dated 13th December (hereinafter LPD). Through the privacy policy below, 196 Bishopsgate thus informs its clients of the following measures :

Towards the end of rendering the services offered through www.196bishopsgate.com as well as offering customized products and services, improving commercial relations and managing the requests made by our clients, 196 Bishopsgate shall handle its clients' personal data in an automated manner, for the purposes specified further on.

196 Bishopsgate guarantees that it shall take full responsibility for the said files.

196 Bishopsgate hereby informs its Clients of the uses for which it employs the personal data gathered on this website:

A.1.) Registration in the Offers and Promotions Distribution List

196 Bishopsgate hereby informs you that your e-mail address will be included in an automated file (distribution list) for the purpose of providing you information on our news and offers by e-mail.

In the event that you do not wish to receive any further news or offers by e-mail please state this in the subject line of your request.

B) Confidentiality

196 Bishopsgate will not reveal your personal data to any other third party, except for those parties specified in the preceding sections.

196 Bishopsgate guarantees that it will handle your personal data confidentially, and that the server on which these are stored and handled is equipped with the security measures established by EU standards in relation to data protection.